Dawn Training

Last sunday, I awoke as usual at 4am. My son Zach as usual woke me up with a gentle tap to my face as if saying, papa wake up. That morning I had a training date with Sensei Adrian at 5:30.Went jogging first (after 5 years of none activity… ooouuuccchhh!!!!). He taught me 2 katas that are very interesting, Passai,….. and 1 more that I always seem to forget the name…. White crane or something. Finished off around 8. There were lots of people watching us. Later, I found out one of these spectators commented as to why was Sensei Adrian teaching a Malay. This year is our nation’s 50th bithday. To hear such racist remarks makes me sad, and wonder for the future of our nation. Wake up bangsa Malaysia.


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