Morning Training

On sunday, I had the morning training with Adrian Sensei, Karl Sensei, his two children, Beh and Lim. We went thru the kihon renshu and kata. I learned a new kata, Rohai. Waking up to go to training at 5a.m. take a certain kind of commitment. Not everyone can endure. Hopefully, the numbers will grow. We then went to EQ for drinks and to talk about the general direction we hope Seibukan Melaka will take in the future. It was a refreshing talk. It was there I found out that the three of us, Adrian, Karl and me actually share a common heritage. We all use to be in the clone Shorin-Ryu. Albeit, I was there only for a short year in high school. I wonder where all my other school karate friends are now in their training. Some may have dropped out, some might still have the passion.


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