By any other name

O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;


Romeo and Juliet Act II Scene2

meditate.gifThis week was supposed to be the coming out week for Seibukan Melaka. Seibukan Melaka held it’s first grading. What was suppose to be an affair of 50-60 student got watered down to 10. What was once a united collection of friends became separated. Let’s start with the good news first. Malaysian Seibukan Chief Instructor, Patmanathan Sensei, came down from Kuala Lumpur to grade the first batch of Okinawan Shorin-ryu Seibukan students at the Academy. We thank Pathmanathan Sensei for making time for us from his busy schedule. Also present was Seibukan Melaka President, Karl Noel Teoh Sensei. Pictures of the grading will soon be posted on this site.

An instructor have posted on his website an accusation, implicating me and one other instructor have betrayed him. In the interest of friendship I will neither post his name nor his site url. But I will post my response to his blog. The following response was sent to his blogsite, but as of 5.30 p.m. of April 17, 2007, he has yet to post the response on his blogsite.

My dear friend,

It has been said that in time of crisis, one’s true color will flare. And yours, my dear friend has burnt you. I am not ashamed to identify myself on this blog. I admit freely that I have been disenchanted (to say the least) at the way things have been developing with Seibukan Melaka. But, still I kept my faith in my friend(s). To keep whatever vestige of friendship left, I withdrew myself. As a friend, you did not even bother to enquire why. But one person did, one whom you casually labeled as a traitor. He showed the qualities of a concern friend, even though we barely knew each other. To get our facts straight, we went up to see our Sensei, to confront him on matters better left unsaid in open forum as it is as you quiet rightly put, an internal affair. Is it wrong for us to seek verification from other sources, or do you hold the monopoly on truth? After conferring with our Chief Instructor, us two ‘traitors’ have chosen the middle path, to try to work out things in everyone’s favor. My fellow ‘traitor’ and IOSSKA Malaysia Chief Instructor have presented with a strong appeal to request my return to the Association. Appeal, being the operative word. Nor coerce, not force, not intimidate. APPEAL. Who am I deserving of such grand appeal, you ask? I am nobody. NOBODY. Yet, they have the courtesy to be humble. Not lash out without investigating. I have always said that our state is a small one and thus, we have to find a way to work together. Even though some parties view you as a persona non grata within the association, I have played your advocate, and defended your actions. And to your knowledge, I still am. Yet you make it hard for me. Why must you always be confrontational? Is there great lost in a compromise? I have said this to you many, many times. Friendship above all. I am willing to work and compromise so that all may share in this little cake. I have taken a stand. I have made my choice. Do you hold it against me that my choice disagrees with yours? I have been a guest in your house, eaten your food, have my children play with yours. Even our wives are the best of friends. Does that mean that I am indebted to you? Does it mean I have to follow your every lead? I ask you to be straightforward and open with me, and yet you have chosen to take a swipe at me in open forum. Well, dear friend, two can play the game. I may not have you intimate knowledge of the internet, but I do believe I have the truth on my side. Sometimes, my dear friend, you delude yourself into whatever fantasy you create to justify your coarse actions. Do I need to justify my actions to yours? If I had left the club and returned, isn’t that good news? And what ‘other side’? The only one on the ‘other side’ is you, my friend. We were to be a triumvir. If one disagreed, he’s the other side. If two disagreed, the remaining is the other side. I am tired. Tired of fighting a battle that should not have been fought in the first place. Tired of defending someone who does not appreciate a kind act. Someone’s who’s too full of himself to bother about what others might think. I have been your friend, your supporter. I have backed you up until even until this very morning. And then, I read your post. You have chosen to burn the bridge, not me. You have turned your back. Not me. Not ‘us’. There is an ever so slight a difference between being right, and doing the right thing. You were once right, but by choosing to do the wrong thing, you have wronged, not me, but yourself, and your students. I pity them. If this is the path you chose to lead them, I pity them.

That being said and done, I still view you as my friend, even if you do deem me beneath you. Me, my family and my house is open to you and yours at any time. I sincerely hope my friend, that you take the time to reflect on what I have said. You get murky, when you take the low road, you act aloft when you take the high road, why not take the middle road. Change is inevitable my friend, but growth is optional. Confucius once said, In silence lies great strength


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