tora.jpgA hearty congratulation to our SEIBUKAN LITTLE TIGERS members who participated in last week’s grading.

Promoted to 10th Kyu : Aiman, Ridwuan, Nuqman, Khaleed and Umar

Promoted to 9th Kyu : Hadira, Batrisyia, Adam, Hani and Najwa

The grading was attended by friends and families of our participants. There were a good many roll of films used up (I know, I know…… they all used digital cameras… but megabytes doesn’t quite have a ring to it… I’m an old fashion kinda guy 😉 ). A few spectators came up to the Dojo to enquire about training with the Academy and to watch the grading, and we welcome those that signed up on that day. We hope to see you all many a time on the dojo.

The students started arriving at around 8:45 a.m., all excited to grade and to meet Seibukan Chief Instructor, Pathmanathan Sensei. Pathmanathan Sensei, arriving from Kuala Lumpur, reached the Academy 9:05 a.m. with Karl Sensei and Rekha Senpai. After getting acquainted with the students and parents, we proceed with the grading around 9:45 a.m. The grading, presided by Pathmanathan Sensei, went for about over an hour. Three students, Nuqman, Hadira and Hani, were given special praise by Pathmanathan Sensei for their excellent effort. With the grading over around 11 a.m., we had a photo session with students and even parents lining up to take photos with Pathmanathan Sensei. It was a successful event.

In keeping with the original karate grading tradition, we at SEIKEN have invited a guest examiner (Pathmanathan Sensei, 5th Dan) who is 3rd Dan and above, and a witness (Karl Teoh Sensei, 1st Dan), so that the Academy will not be accused of having a biased grading. We thank both of our honored guests and to Rekha Senpai of Kuala Lumpur who assisted in the grading.

We look forward to the next grading in August with a larger attendance. OOSSS!!!!ukemi.gif


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