Grading Photos

I finally got around to posting the photos from the 15th April Seibukan Grading. I selected a few choice pix to be shown on this post but you can see the complete selection on my [GALLERY] page. Enjoy!!


Karl Sensei,Pathmanathan Sensei, and Azlimmi Sensei


The Little Tigers Roaring To Go!!!


Karl Sensei, Pathmanathan Sensei with Azlimmi Sensei’s children, Tisha, Adam & Dira


Group photo taken with parents and friends of the Little Tigers


Future Seibukan Champs : Dira & Hani 😎


2 responses to “Grading Photos

  1. Hello Azlimmi,

    I’ve been following your blog for quiet some time. It has evolved a lot. First things first, congratulations to your student who graded on that day. They look like quiet a bunch. I am sorry to hear that all is not well with Seibukan Melaka. Things happen, you move on. I have also followed ******** blog. It looks like quite a bad fall out between you two. Keep your chin up. You have your way, he has yours. It is not for me to say whom is right, but from what I’ve read, you have been quiet gracious with your ‘friend’ but has been otherwise bitter with you. The problem with most martial artists is ego. A healthy dose will drive you to better yourself, but too much can make one into a control freak. FYI, I’m a dojo-mate of one of your old students in Kuala Lumpur, Andrew Muhlen. He is quiet the busy man nowadays, as head of operation for ********. But he talks fondly of you whenever he talks about karate and Malaysia. I understand from him that you are a nidan, but your bio on the website only mentions that you are a shodan? It doesn’t really matter. I will be going to Vietnam sometime in the middle of this year, and I hope to get to come and visit and train with you. Keep up the good work, and I hope to read more articles from your website. I find the siries of articles you did on Traditional karate quiet interesting. Do you know Sensei Mulholland? Can you introduce me to him? Thank you once again and Salut!

  2. Hi Eugenio,
    Thanks your words of encouragement. How is Andrew? haven’e heard from him in ages. I have a few articles in the pipeline, but have yet to finetune it. What happened between me and my ‘friend’ as actually very sad. It could have been avoided if he would just learn to relax a little, and not be so gung-ho. Anyway, he can do whatever he likes, and so can I. I extend an open invitation to you at my place. Just let me know a few days in advance so that I won’t be caught with my pants down . I’m sorry, I do not know Mulholland Sensei personally, I only know him thru the various excellent articles that he wrote for various martial arts magazines.

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