An idea is brewing on the net! Taking the lead from our East Malaysia cousins and from friends overseas, I have decided to initiate the ‘MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL’ in the historical city of Melaka. Not a new concept, I know. But I believe one that is overdue. In celebration of our Nation’s Golden Jubilee I’m calling all martial artists irrespective of style to join me in this endeavour. My aim is for as many martial arts schools/organizations especially from the same style to come together and SHARE! Target date is end of the year or early next year. I need ideas, volunteers for PR & A&P for starters. AND sponsors!! How big the dream will be realized depends on how much we will be able to spend on advertising and colleterals. Sad, I know, but in this and age, money talks. Until I can get a dedicated website for this ‘dream’, the Seiken website will serve as a temporary mouthpiece for the project.


Follow discussion on the project the the MARTIALARTS.COM.MY website.



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