Ultimate Warrior : Report

karate-do.jpg For the past 3 days, my mind and body have been geared for one thing, the Melaka event for the Ultimate Warrior Malaysia tournament. The most important thing : the results – I lost in the first round of the tournament to a better man. Kudos to him. He went on to become the second place winner of the tournament, and hence the rep for Melaka state in the Grand Final in September. My support is with him. I will try to make it to the Grand Championship to support the guy that made it on that day to carry the Melaka Flag.

I am bitterly disappointed with myself. Disappointed that I have taken my training for this tournament too lightly. Disappointed that I have not trained enough to have the not only the physical but also psychological advantage in the tournament. My lost have driven my urge to train smarter and more focused. My defensive techniques are not as strong as I’d like.

There are some unsportsmanlike comments heard on that day, not by the competitors, but rather by the bystanders and spectators. Even more sad that some of these comments came from senior martial artists. Among the comments heard are, and they are in no particular order :

1. That the tournament is compared to a cock-fight. That these fight does not reflect true martial arts.

2. That in real life, or a street fight situation, these guys would have been annihilated by a ‘trained’ martial artist. When asked to instead join in the tournament and prove their point, these very same commentators give all sorts of lame excuses… being too old… don’t want to debase the purity of their art.. no point (?)… and my favorite; ‘If I enter, the young people would have no chance to improve themselves…..’

3. …Cannot use the hand to maximum effect because of the mitts…

4. …Ring too small for me to use my deadly techniques effectively….

5. …etc… etc… bitch… bitch… bitch…

These type of tournaments, brings out the best, or the worst in a person. Most times it brings out both in the very same person. IMHO, there is no ‘moral victory’. Either you win, or you lose. To talk the talk is one thing, but to walk the walk is entirely different. To me it allows me to gauge my, skill and my fitness level to last 3 rounds of 2 minutes of fighting, against what is deemed an equal opponent. To me, there is no equal opponent. One person would always have the upper hand, either because he has put in the hours and the sweat into training, or that he has the experience to ‘read’ his opponent, or that he has a good team of back-up personel to give orders and support him and most important of all that he has the drive, and the will to win. All the training comes to naught without the will. I cannot comment on what happens on the other legs of the tournament (two has before Melaka, Langkawi & Seremban), simply because I was not there. What I can comment on is on what happens in Melaka. Not because I was there, but because I was part of the tournament. It is easy to complain about this and that, bitch about what not right, but it’s all keetle banging on walls. I encourage other martial artists to try test their skill. Never mind the restrictions imposed (i.e no elbow, no knee, no grappling, no eye-gouging, no batin 🙂 , safety equipment, etc). Make do with what you have.

The tournament was an eye opener for me. Or rather a wake-up call. One wisdom that I take away from my defeat on that day is, to preach is not enough, stand your ground, and prove your point.

One final message to all that was whispering behind the safety of the masses that wittnessed the tournaments. SHUT UP OR PUT UP!!!

Gambatte Kudasai!!


3 responses to “Ultimate Warrior : Report

  1. seiken san, winning or losing just a part of the game as long everyone is enjoy the game, what i can feel is the friendship and the support, anyway i be at KL for support! ganbateh!

    p/s. nice picture

  2. Thank you jedigaban san…. Though I lost, I didn’t lose heart. My losing only serves to point out to me how out of training I am. How am I to teach my students if I can’t ‘Walk the Talk’? Anyway, I am training myself for the Pengerang (Johor) Event. My great-grand parents are from there… so maybe their spirits can help me out…. ROFL 🙂 ….


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