I found this intriguing quote on the net. All this while I thought that perfection was what I was working towards. But then I realised that I was missing the point. It doesn’t mean that I do not have to work towards perfection… just don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. When I make my rounds (sound like a prison warden!!!) of the forums in the net, there have been a lot of discussion on the politics of martial arts. Pro and cons to both sides. Some have taken the ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude, and condemned everyone else not in their favour as heretics and ‘inferior’. By what standards these people use to gauge the ‘inferiority’ of others, only they know. To cut a long story short, these very same ‘superior’ martial artists, when asked to ‘prove their point’ by standing in the ring (or on the mat, etc), they make all kinds of lame excuses (i.e, old injuries, etc). Isn’t martial arts a ‘MARTIAL’ art, or fighting art??? Redundant, I know…. but martial arts is about fighting. Just for the sake of argument, there are two levels of fighting : defensive and offensive. You can try to label it a million ways from today till Monday (i.e., self defense, personal development, etc), any form of martial arts is about standing your ground. So if you start a rhetorical fight instead of a physical… IMHO, it’s lame… and looks like you’re trying to hide something… your lack of real skill perhaps??? Talk the walk and walk the talk are two entirely different things. Commendable as it may seem that the talker does not ‘stoop down’ to engage in a physical fight, it entirely misses the point. I am not advocating a ‘free-for-all’ on the streets in which one person challenges the other like in the cowboy movies. What I am advocating is actually a simple yet prevalent concept in martial arts, an important one ; caution. I have never heard of any of the masters that I have known (i.e. Kanazawa Sensei, McCarthy Sensei, Namiki Sensei, Morris Sensei and Shimabukoru Sensei) label anyone as ‘inferior’. To have done so would have violated an unwritten code among martial artists : RESPECT. To have done so only invites the hot-blooded and not-so-patient ‘inferiors’ to test your ‘superiority’. And by inviting thus only shows how little you understand martial arts. I regret that some martial artist have become arrogant in their little bit of knowledge. They have become the ‘big fish’ in their tiny pond. Beware that they do not get gobbled up when they take to the stream…..


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