Even Gangsters Pray??


I found this on the net last week and have been meaning to post it. If we take the time to reflect on what is being contemplated upon, I believe that it applies to us all. Gambatte Kudasai!!


2 responses to “Even Gangsters Pray??

  1. Hallo Azlimmi Sensei,

    Just came by your website by accident. Ha… Ha.. Gangsters praying… But I think the Italian Mafia is very religious. Very interesting website you have. I am a new student from Ashihara-Karate Holland. Can you please tell me more on the meaning of Jissen Karate. Is it a style of full-contact karate, like Kyokushinkai? Where can I learn it? Thank you. I like that your website is not too serious, and have funny articles like the 11th degree black belt requirements and the Jim Carey video.


  2. Thank you for visiting Yvonne.

    Jissen Karate can be interpreted roughly as hard-core karate. It strips away all the accesories that has been attached to it, left it with the bare bones or the core of karate; effective fighting applications. The phrase, Jissen, is used to distinguish real martial arts from what has been referred to as ‘school yard’ Karate. Jissen literally means real fighting. It is many times used in conjunction with Karate to establish the difference between combat effective martial arts and what might best be called tournament Karate.

    It is not an actual style, or Ryu, but rather a concept, like Zen. There are many who practice the Jissen concept of training. Most do not even realize it, but it is there nontheless. If you practice with spirit, and with the right attitude perhaps you might one day understand. It is actually very simple, it is not one technique, or kata. To me personally, it refers to one’s quest to find the core of martial arts. There is IMHO two types of budo being practiced. 1) the one that encourages inner (spiritual, etc) development and 2) the one that encourages martial skill development. Sometimes, full-contact karate has been misunderstood as the modern interpretation of Jissen, when it is actually more than that. Jissen can be applied to any martial arts, so it is not mutually exclusive to karate. Like I said earlier, it is a concept, and like any concepts it can be applied to any applicable scenario. Don’t worry too much. Train with your body, train with with your mind and train with your heart.

    Gambatte Kudasai!!

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