Smoke Free

I have a confession to make. Once upon a time, I was a hardcore smoker. I smoke close to 50 sticks of unfiltered cigarettes a day, plus a few sticks of dessert cigarettes called kretek, an indonesian tobacco blend mixed with cloves, plus around two – three cigars on the weekends. Not only was health suffering, so was my wallet. I drew flak even from my Sensei who smelled the smoke odour on my fingertips during our randori kumite sessions. The one day about six years ago, I had an asthma attack. The doctor who treated me compared the sound my lungs were making to the sound made when one walks on dry leaves. It didn’t really scare me. I’ve heard the story told a thousand times a thousand ways. But I did stop smoking for about a week to recuperate. When all was honky dory again, I got on my scooter to go to buy a pack, then stopped myself. I asked myself, what great harm would it do to not smoke for another day…. then another week… then another month… then year… It has been some odd six years since I quit smoking… cold turkey. I didn’t stop one stick at a time. I just gave it up. I didn’t buy, didn’t accept when offered any by my friends… nada… Just slammed the brakes. After effects : no withdrawal symptoms…!!! My health improved!! So if any of you plan to quit, in the words of Yoda : Do, or do not. There is no try. To my friends, there is no better time than now.


nosmoking.png Tasuki’s Quit Smoking Page


From Free Range Studios:


ga_flash_altria.jpg Phillip Morris :: Can’t Hide :: Tobacco Free Kids 2002

ga_flashm_philmo.jpg The Philmo2000 :: Tobacco Free Kids 2001


logo_smokefree_small.gifThis is a nice logo I found on the Karate New Zealand website. Any of you photoshop buffs wanna design one for me?




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