Just thinking out loud…

Yesterday noon I had a chat with one of.. how do I term it… my ‘guides’ in the next evolution of my karate training. To say that he is my teacher would be an overstatement for I have yet to physically stand next to him and receive instruction from him. At the moment he ‘guides’ me with with advise on how to carry on my training. It has been a while since I had such a talk with anyone. It gives me perspective on how to trudge on. I try to make my training and my classes as simple as possible, with two main ingredients kihon and kata, with kumite thrown in for a little flavor. That is also the way I like to run my dojo. I can accept suggestions and ideas, but when people start to impose their will onto me, then I will reevaluate their motives. You have to accept with an open heart if someone just doesn’t want to do things your way.


Hopefully, one day soon I will be able to stand beside this man, whom so many call ‘sensei’ and count him among my esteemed teachers.


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