All bushed out…..

What a weekend!!! What a weekend!!! First I had to attend a sports ministry workshop on Friday for the Merdeka Day Martial Arts Assembly… which got postponed to Saturday (I only got the notice on Thursday noon!!) you can imagine the rush to change my class schedules, inform all the students on the changes. Luckily I managed it… just. I had planned to just attend the main briefing and shoot back to Melaka the same day… but no such luck… the ‘main briefing’ ended at around 11 p.m. Luckily the people at KBS put us up at the Vistana Hotel. As I hadn’t planned to stay the night, I didn’t bring a change of clothes. KBS in all their wisdom, had handed out a gift bag to all workshop participants which included… a Rakan Muda polo tee. Bless them… I also bought a $1 toothbrush at a grocery store next to the hotel… use and throw…


I took the 7 a.m. bus from Melaka to KL because I wasn’t sure what time the workshop starts. I arrived at 9 a.m. then took a bus to Sri Manja to Pathma Sensei’s (who’s in Labuan for the Ultimate Warrior tournament there) house to get more info. As it turns out Mrs. Uma (his wife) wasn’t in. Luckily their children were in and their daughter knew what to look for and passed on to me the fax containing the information I needed. From Sri Manja I took another bus to Pasar Seni and hopped on the LRt to Titiwangsa which is just beside the Vistana Hotel. Having being of of KL’s denizen… :-p … for almost 10 years helped me get my way around faster than most out-of-towners, despite major changes in the city. I arrived at the hotel around 11.50 a.m. and registered myself for the workshop. A short briefing was given by the organizers on the objective of the workshop. It was then that they informed us that the schedule had changed and that the event will now be held on the 4th of September. Before heading for lunch, we checked into our rooms, and my room-mate was from Silat Cekak Hanafi. For lunch I had pasta carbonara and OJ. All throughout lunch I kept remembering my wife, who loved pasta. After lunch we hopped on a chartered bus for a field trip to the Malawati Stadium where we we given a rough idea on how the event was planned. After about an hour’s briefing we went back to the hotel to rest. The night’s session started after dinner at around 8.30 a.m. It was then we ran thru the entire program, nitpicking the details. Before adjourning for the night, the different associations demonstrated it’s techniques for the organizers to mix ‘n match for a joint demo.


The next day’s session started around 8.30 a.m. after breakfast. We reviewed yesterday’s discussion and discussed the logistics of getting all our people (estimated at around 15,000 martial artists) to come for the training and rehearsal sessions. Due to the change in schedule, we all had to check back with our respective associations and couldn’t give any definite answers. Briefing ended around 11.30 and I didn’t join the rest for lunch coz I wanted to make it back to Melaka A.S.A.P. to meet up with Jamal Measara Sensei. Jeremy from the Tai Chi group offered to give me a ride to Puduraya (Thanks Jeremy!) and I arrived there at 11.55 a.m. Hoping to get a 12 p.m. bus I asked around for tickets but the earliest was 12.30 I decided to try the Transnasional bus counter and they said their next bus was at 12.15, so I bought a ticket from them. The bus ride back was uneventful (I was asleep most of the way) and the bus arrived at Melaka just before 2.. Wow that was fast!!! From there I picked up my scooter at the parking lot and went back home.


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