Yesterday, when I picked a local newspaper, like everyone else, I scanned the front page to see what the hottest news of the day is. The main news was about a an angry parent’s retort to the death of her child at the hands of a babysitter. The secondary news didn’t stand out that much at first, just an allegation of police brutality, but as I read further, it involves an official of the Indonesian Karate Team that participated in the recently concluded Asian Karate Federation Senior Championship held in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. I would be out of place to judge on what happened on that night, and it is not for me to say who is right or wrong. What saddens me was that such an incident took place at all. On this morning radio news, the Inspector General of Police have reassured that full investigation will take place and that the officers involved have been suspended of duty pending investigation. My best wishes to the victim and I hope he recovers soon.


That the incident happened in the wake of a successful tour for Malaysian national team (medal tally : 4-5-4), placing second after Champions Japan makes the incident more alarming. After 50 years of independence, is this the way we Malaysians treat our guests?


dsc_0507.jpg dsc_0568.jpg dsc_0708.jpg

Photos from the recent Asian Senior Karate Championship


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