A Stream Of Consciousness For Consideration By A Concerned Karate-Ka : Part 3

 < Continued from PART 2 >


I recommend that at least 2 senior karate-ka from different organizations be selected based on seniority and experience as non-partisan representatives and to advice on their respective ryu-ha. They may be nominated by their respective organizations. However, we have to acknowledge that there are some senior ‘retired’ karate-ka who are not affiliated to any organizations. These senior karate-ka make the ideal advisers as  they represent a non-partisan view on their respective ryu-ha.

Currently active in Malaysia are the following Ryu-Ha :

  • Japanese Disciplines : Shito-Ryu (MASK, Hayashi-Ha, Kusano-Ha, Shito-Kai, Itosu-Kai ) Shotokan (SKM, Kanazawa-Ryu, KWF), Goju-Ryu, Kyokushinkai
  • Occidental Disciplines : Kissaki-Kai, Shotoshinkai

This list is by no means the definitive list, as I may have left out some names due to my own ignorance on the existence  of the group.



I understand that it takes between 6 to 12 months to register a ‘sports’ organization. There are various support letters, lobbies and other bureaucratic requirements involved. For most part, the individuals that form these organizations are just a collection of individuals pursuing their passion for their chosen activity. The long procedures takes the fun out of it all. I understand that the Sports Commissioner processes thousands of applications a day so making the process simples by requiring less paperwork would surely be in it’s favor to lessen the workload of our overworked civil servants. They might even consider e-registration, like we do with taxes nowadays!!

Some may wish to affiliate to an NGB to expand their scope of membership and activities, but for most it is a group of people sharing similar interests. To lobby for support from certain parties would mean surrendering their independence and would require not a small sum of financial strength.

What would happen  if the principals of the two organizations, the NGB and the newly formed organization don’t see eye to eye? Or one just don’t like the way the other cuts his/her hair? Would one deny the other the aforementioned ‘support’ thus periling the other’s registration attempt?

I’ve read the Buku Panduan Pendaftaran Badan Sukan (Sports Body Registration Guidelines) cover to cover and never once did it mention ‘support letter required’. IMHO, this implies that the ‘support’ should be offered and not sought. Even if it is sought after, the absence of one should have no impact on the registration application other than acting as ‘icing on the cake’.



It is easy to criticize and amke suggestions. The burden of actual implementing any rules and procedures and affect change falls on the shoulders of the Sports Commissioner and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. They are the only ones able to compel MAKAF or any NGB to make the changes that are in the interest of the public. The Sports Commissioner has the authority granted by the Sports Development Act 1997 subsection 20(1)(e) : “…is hindering the development of the particular sport and it is in the public interest to revoke  or suspend its registration ” , and further in subsection 20(1)(f) of the same Act : “…has failed or neglected to remedy any malpractice, misconduct or irregularity on the part of its office bearers or its members ….”

Do we want to go the way of Karate England that remains divisive and after several reorganizations still fails to resolve the unification of ‘traditionalists’ and ‘sports-centric’ karate?

MAKAF as the NGB with the mandate to oversee the Malaysia Karate Community must step up and prove to skeptics and critics that they have not only the interest of the Malaysia Karate Community at heart but also the willpower to to evolve onto a greater entity that it is now. It has a heavy responsibility, and my only hope is that one day, we all may sit down at the same table and share teh tarik.

As Dr. Martin Luther King once said : I have a dream…..


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