Tactical Training : Part 2

Ten Tips To Make You A Better Fighter

Thanks for all the positive response to the my first article on tactical training. Per your requests I’m following up with some practical, straightforward fighting tips you can implement in your free fight training .

When I train with my students in close combat fighting system I consistently observe some common mistakes that really hinder your ability to quickly dominate a situation. Some of the mistakes are psychological, others technical. Either can get you knocked out, maimed, or killed in a life and death fight. Being conscience of what you actually do in training allows you to correct any mistakes in a forgiving environment rather than on the street.

If you make it a regular practice to train for the life and death scenarios then handling the drunk at the nightclub becomes very easy to deal with, often avoidable. So with that in mind here are 10 tips to make you a far more lethal fighter, they are in no particular order:

  1. Never get in a “fighting position” to intimidate before you strike in an attack. This is probably the biggest waste of time and the surest way to get hit. You may have just one move to take out your opponent and you just spent it getting into position. Better to see your target and just strike.
  2. If you grab someone by the hair make sure you comb the hair with your fingers then grab. This avoids the often comical scene where you attempt to reach out and grab the hair and end up with a fist full of air.
  3. Striking with a straight spine delivers far more power than with a bent back. Make sure you’re not bending your back in training by occasionally pausing after a strike and simply look down at your feet. If your head is past your knees then you are bending your back.
  4. When an attacker has a weapon never look at the weapon. Instead focus on the body part that initiates the weapons movement. Example: If the knife is in the hand, then start by looking at the elbow, then his shoulder. If you really want advanced warning then look at the opposite shoulder, it must move to move the striking hand. It is subtle but you can see it with a little practice.
  5. If you are getting kicked and you seem to be late all the time, try dropping down into a deep balance position. This places your eye at the optimum point so it can see the kick coming long before it becomes a threat. With practice your head will be level the attacker’s diaphragm or belt level.
  6. If the attacker punches or kicks first don’t block, strike! The movements may look similar but a strike renders the attacker off balance, creates a chaotic state, or knocks out the attacker. If one of the 3 don’t occur you did not strike.
  7. One of the biggest problem you’ll face with a real fight is that you will get out of breath that causes fatigue and fatigue gets you hurt. Many fighters actually hold their breath during a free fight that can rapidly fatigue you. Check that you are breathing during free fight give and take and make sure you incorporate regular muscle endurance conditioning cycles.
  8. Here’s great way to insure you are delivering the most power into your strikes: When striking should replace that of the attacker’s every time a strike is made.
  9. When fighting or training do not head-butt. Never use your own central nervous system as a striking platform. Head-butting takes eyes in and out of focus which is definitely what you don’t want in a conflict.
  10. Remember to stay relaxed when someone grabs you. Do not provide a grappling friendly structure for the attacker. If you stay relaxed it’s next to impossible for someone to hold and manipulate you.

Well there they are, try to incorporate one or all of these tips in the next month and let me know how it works for you. You can email me at seikenkarate@gmail.com


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