Seibukan Grading 1/2008 Results

Najwa Farhana Norman vs Hani Nadirah Norman
Batrisyia Iman Himzal vs Aiman Nabil Adiee
The grading conducted last Saturday was a success. The following students are promoted to the following rank:
6th Kyu (Blue Belt)
1. Nuqman Haziq b. Zulfikar Zikri
2. Hadira Dania Himzal
3. Batrisyia Iman Himzal
7th Kyu (Green Belt)
1. Muhd. Khaleed b. Airil Razlan
2. Muhd. Adam Danish Himzal
3. Najwa Farhana bt. Norman
4. Hani Nadirah bt. Norman
8th Kyu (Orange)
1. Aiman Nabil b. Adiee
2. Muhd. Umar Firdhaus b. Airil Razlan
9th Kyu (Yellow)
1. Sydney Ng
10th Kyu (White with Yellow Stripe)
1. Muhd. Aqifth Aiman
2. Muhd. Ariff b. Jaafar
Nuqman Haziq also received an award as the Outstanding Student of the Year 2007. Special Mention to Nuqman Haziq, Hadira Dania, Batrisyia Iman, Muhd. Khaleed and Sidney Ng for double promotions!! The Seibukan Melaka Technical Commitee congratulates all students on their success.

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