Book Review : Okinawa Bo-Jutsu

Okinawan Bo-Jutsu

A new book by Jamal Measara, 7th Dan Kyoshi Seibukan & 6th Dan Kobudo has published a new book : Okinawan Bo-Jutsu. The book is in English and German, like his previous book, Okinawa Dento Karate-Do (Okinawan Traditional Karate-Do) and is filled with over 400 instructional photos within 240 pages.

Among the contents of the book are :

Bo Hojo Undo Dai 1, 2 and 3;Yakusoku-Kumibo; Fukyukata and Shiu Shi No Kon; Atatameru and Tachi Kata.

The book can be ordered through Azlimmi Sensei at RM95.00 (including shipping and handling).


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