If my memory still serves me right, it has been three weeks since my motorcycle accident. No biggie.  There are not that many scratches on me, but the few that are there are quiet deep. The wound on my left palm has yet to heal and the wound on the right elbow, is festering again. I went to the doctor this morning to have myself checked out again. My cracked tibia seem to be healing well, but no jumping…. shucks… no tobi-geris… for a while. I try to make to classes and present a strong front. The biggest problem is my left palm….. some one suggested gel therapy to make it heal faster… and to keep away activity on the palm.

My scooter’s is another problem. Ever since the accident, the gears’ sorta stuck. It won’t go into nuetral automaticcally. But it still gets me from point A to B…. 🙂

I hope to full recovery in a week…


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