Sochin (壯鎭) (Japanese: “Tranquil Force”) is a kata practiced in several styles of karate. It may have derived from Dragon style kung-fu, and was taught in the Naha-te school in Okinawa by Seisho Aragaki. It was then passed down to Shito-ryu. A variation of it was introduced into Shotokan by Gichin Funakoshi’s son, Yoshitaka.

The rhythm of the kata is dynamic, it is characterized by slow, deliberate movements interspersed with explosive out-bursts of speed. In the Shotokan version, the powerful dominant stance in this kata is sochin-dachi (“rooted stance”). In the Shito-ryu version, it employs several stances including nekoashi-dachi (“cat stance”) and zenkutsu dachi (“front stance”). Rhythm is important in the execution of this kata. This kata has been said to develope Chi/Ki energy.


2 responses to “Sochin

  1. Sochin is one of my favorite katas. The speed (or lack of it) in the kata forces me to focus more on the techniques. The similarities of the katas probably came because Hironori Otsuka Sensei was a student of Funakoshi Sensei in 1922 before he branched out to develop his own karate in the mid 1930’s.


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