Seiken in Johor Bahru

Application for membership is now open to new members at our newest branch in Johor Bahru. Johor residents, especially in Nusa Perintis, Gelang Patah and Larkin can contact me by phone + or e-mail for more information. Classes are expected to start in mid October 2008.


6 responses to “Seiken in Johor Bahru

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  2. I would like to learn karate, i staying in gelang patah, sir could you help me to fullfil my ambition to be a karate student. call me ********** (note : phone number edited by editor to protect privacy)

  3. Helo sir, I would like to know about karate class which going to start in Johor. I staying in Kulai, Johor. I also would like to know the details & condition about the karate class.
    Thank you. You may contact me via e-mail.

  4. Dear Master,

    I am 50 years old, got mild hyper-tension and borderline cholosteral and overweight ; am contemplating to rid this sickness but try exercising and nothing came of it.Quite interested in Kerate-do though and wondering if it suites my age and suitable for this old sickness? Pls enlighten me at my email or contact @ 019-7331281.tq

  5. hello, sir.
    i come from Batam – Indonesia
    if i have a time i want to join to learn more karate
    greeting n my respect….

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