October Training Routine

After a week of feasting on Mom’s delicious Beef rendang and serunding for the Eid Festival… I needed a regime that will make me shed the few pounds that I have gained.


Zenkutsu dachi Kamae

  1. Kizami zuki, slide back (suri ashi) gedan barai, step forward oizuki.
  2. Kizami zuki, slide back 45 degrees – gedan barai, step forward 45 degrees mae geri, jodan oi zuki.
  3. Kizami zuki, slide back gedan barai, slide forward kizami zuki – gyaku zuki.
  4. Kizami zuki, pull back front foot ¼ step – chudan haiwan uke, slide forward gyaku zuki
  5. Kizami zuki, pull back front foot a ¼ step – chudan haiwan uke, spinning (tenshin) jodan uraken, gyaku zuki.
  6. Step forward zenkutsu dachi -chudan oizuki, step back kokutsu dachi / shuto uke, step over (driving of the heel) into zenkutsu dachi /gyaku zuki, shift into fudo dachi – gedan barai.
  7. Step forward into fudo dachi /chudan oizuki (make sure you do not move your front foot until stepping foot is past the pivot foot), step back into fudo dachi /chudan oizuki, pivot clockwise into kibadachi / enpi uchi, pivot again going same direction kibadachi / enpi uchi (becomes full circle).


Kanku-sho & Sochin

  • By count, then slowly no count, then no count at speed.

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