The 5th KWF World Technical Camp & World Cup will be hosted by KWF Norway. As KWF is a non-political organization, this event is open to karate-ka of all styles and affiliations. This is the opportunity to train with the legendary Yahara Sensei, 8th Dan assisted by other members of the KWF Shihan-kai.

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5 responses to “KWF WORLD CUP 2009

  1. Hello Sir,
    Is it possible to participate with my team in competitions that you will organise. Thank you.
    TEL : 00213.661.84.91.75

  2. Dear sir,
    Thanks a lot for your complete ande comprehensive information about
    • 2009 karate competitions in your country.
    • Our team (tanaka shitorio shobokan) in Kurdistan province of iran which Has already taken part in Russia and japans world competitions and aweden free cup,wuld likes to participate in above mentioned competition.
    • So we beg you to inform us whether you agree or not which our
    • application.
    • Thanc you in advance and wishing you success. We are looking forward To hear from you as soon as possible.

    Sincerely yours
    Sattar shariati
    President of s.s.k

  3. Hello! Prompt please where and from whom can I purchase a CD recording 5th KWF World Cup? I was a participant and would very much like to get video.

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