Gelang Patah CNY Training

Chinese New Year 2009 Training

Last Saturday during the weekly class in Gelang patah I had the chance to snap a few photos of the students training.


3 responses to “Gelang Patah CNY Training

  1. Happy New Year from Japan.
    The weather in JB looks a bit warmer than here in Tokyo. Have just completed the annual Kan Geiko (Cold Weather Training). It was 2 degC everyday. Good experience though. All the best for 2009. Should be ready for Shodan when I return to the UK in March. WIll keep you posted of the result! Take care, Neil

    PS – check this out ( Part 2 being published this week.

  2. yup the weather in JB so warm but i believe with enthusiasm to learn harder in the way of karate would make us strong enough even quit though here..Neil thanks for ur comment, alot of things might learn from you…i wish meeting u soonest..

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