REPORT : Shotokan Joint Training With Shotoshinkai


On Sunday (22nd March: 11.00 am) we participated in the Shotokan Karate Joint Training organized by the Shotoshinkai Karate Association at the Kelab Darul Ehsan in Ampang Jaya, Selangor. 11 members of the Academy (3 from our Johor Dojo and 8 from our Melaka Dojo) participated in the trainng with other karate-ka from Kuala Lumpur.


The session started with Ridzuan Sensei of the Shotoshinkai giving a brief introduction about the Shotoshinkai. Then Azlimmi Sensei proceeded with the warm-up session.


After warm-up, the participants went through the the basics of Gohon & Sanbon Kumite. Ridzuan Sensei pointed out the details and applications of the exercise. The participants then had a chance to try out the pointers that Ridzuan Sensei gave on each other.

Click below to view full photo album.

Shotokan Joint Training KDE 2009

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