We’d like to wish all our Muslim friends and families Ramadhan al-Mubarak. May we all stay strong in carrying out this pillar of Islam.

I’d like to inform all the Academy’s students that training IS AS USUAL except for Pasir Gudang, Johor. Students of the Pasir Gudang branch are invited to train at our Honbu in Skudai.

We plan to have ifthar (Break fast) & perform salat al tarawih (تراويح) and witr (وتر‎) together at the dojo,  before resuming our training.

Click on this link to read some tips on fasting posted last year.

(Editor’s comment : If our Prophet S.A.W can fight the battle of Badr while fasting… how can we say we are too weary for some friendly training 🙂 )


One response to “Ramadhan

  1. Assalam O Aluikuim .
    I am from pakistan Affiliated with FSKA Usa and Elite Karate Association Pakistan. We practice traditional Shotokan akaratwe and Kobudo. Hopr to hear from you soon

    Nadeem Azhar lone

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