We will be having our annual ‘NI NEN KEIKO’ (Two Year Training) on the 31st of december 2009. This year the training will be for a duration of 2 hours (starting at 11PM and ending at 1AM) of intense training, the length and severity symbolically representing the two year time span, while another interpretation is you train continuously through the last hour of the present year and first hour of the next year. Training may also include changes at ten minutes to midnight and become ‘Zazen’, ending one year and beginning the next in meditation.

This event officially ends the year’s training (Keiko Osame) and also kicks off the dojo’s year (Keiko Hajime) and, for students, it represents a renewing of the ‘Spirit’ and ‘Rededication’ to training. It has come to mean the first gathering, (Hatsu Geiko – martial artists call it ‘first training’) opening or coming together in the new year of the members of the dojo, family etc.

Personally, I feel that the ‘Ni Nen Keiko’ is an expressing and opening-up of the inner-self for all to share and enjoy.


Azlimmi Himzal

Technical Director, SKA



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