Kanazawa Kancho @ Johor

From the 9th to the 10th of July2010, Kanazawa Kancho, accompanied by his son, Daizo Sensei and SKIF Malaysia Representative, Irene Tech Sensei conducted the KANAZAWA SHOTOKAN MASTERCLASS 2010 at the Academy’s Honbu Dojo, the ShotoCentre in Skudai, Johor Bahru.

The masterclass was not only attended by the students of the Academy, but also from karate-ka from Singapore, Philippines, Greece and the Goshin-ryu Johor.  Kancho also conducted a grading session for about 30 students of the Academy.  The highlight of the grading saw Afdhal Asmadi promoted to Shodan-ho, Aiman Asmadi promoted to Nikyu, Asmadi Ahmad and Farihan Zakhiri Promoted to Sankyu. Kancho expressed hope that the young talents in the Academy be developed for the future of Karate-do.

The Academy thanks Irene Teh Sensei for making the MasterClass possible. We are already planning for the next MasterClass in 2011. With the MasterClass, the Academy now represents Kanazawa-ryu Shotokan Karate-do in the State of Johor. Interested parties who wish to join our class or affiliate with Kanazawa-ryu Shotokan may contact Azlimmi Sensei at +6012.712.7743 / +6010.5272.831 or seikenkarate@gmail.com.

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