The new TEAM SEIKEN TIGERS T-shirts are ready!!!!

They are only available in white and in long sleeves, so they are suitable for our muslimah members. The T-shirt can be be purchased at the ShotoCentre in Skudai. Sizes range from XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL. If you want extra-extra small tee (size 32) please order from your instructor.


You can also order online by paying through PayPal.

1 T-Shirt $14.50 2 -5 T-Shirts $13.50 6-10 T-shirt $12.50 11 & Above T-Shirts $11.50
Xtra Small Small Medium Large Xtra Large 2Xtra Large 3Xtra Large

Direct / Club Orders can be made through Azlimmi Sensei (+6012.7127743) and Asmadi Senpai (+6019.2865923).


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