SKA Student Ranking System

This year the SKA will introduce a point-based ranking system for al students. The system is still being fine-combed, but in general, the Academy will reward points to each student based on her/his participation in Academy activities, including but not limited to seminars, tournaments, training camps and gradings.

The aim of this ranking system is to award the student with the most points, the SKA Achievement Awards at the end of each calender year. 8 initial awards are set to be awarded this year. The Awards are :

Yushu Sho (Outstanding Performance Award)

– Best Overall Student : Yudansha (有段者) & Mudansha (無段者)

Shorei Sho (Commending Performance Award)

– Student with Best Competition Achievement : Yudansha (有段者) & Mudansha (無段者)

Kanto Sho (Great Spirit Award)

– Student with the most event participation record : Yudansha (有段者) & Mudansha (無段者)

Doryuku Sho(Great Effort Award)

– Student showing the most promising effort : Yudansha (有段者) & Mudansha (無段者)

Dantai Yushu Sho  (Team Excellence Award)

– Dojo/Branch with the most total points

Dantai Shorei Sho (Team Commendation Award)

– Dojo/Branch with the Best Competition Record

Dantai Kanto Sho (Team Spirit Award)

– Dojo/Branch with the most event participation record.

Korou Sho (Distinguished Service and Dedication Award)

– Awarded for Outstanding Service to the Academy.

The awards shall be given to Yudansha & Mudansha members.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY : Boths male & female students (no matter of what age) may are eligible for the same award.

Grade specific events : Instructor Seminars, etc., in principle, will not be counted in the overall points. It will only be taken into consideration when there is a tie for the respective award.

THE DETAILS ARE STILL BEING FINALISED. NOMINATION FORMS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED IN AUGUST/SEPTEMBER AND EACH NOMINATION MUST BE SECONDED. To ensure fair review of each nomination, the Academy will appoint an independent panel consisting of parents, sponsors and supporters (the people who know you best!!!)

We hope that these award will drive our members to greater heights!!! Ossu!!



UPDATED 24 JUNE 2011 : Student Ranking Web Page


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