Training With Nick Adamou Sensei

On Thursday (26th May 2011), four members of the SKA, led by Azlimmi Sensei (also SKIF Malaysia Assistant Chief Instructor) attended the SKIF Malaysia Training with Nick Adamous Sensei, 8th Dan from the IASK. Adamous Sensei was one of Kanazawa Kancho’s earliest students in the UK when karate first made it’s dayview there. He is also co-author of a book with Kanazawa Kancho, KANAZAWA’S KARATE.

The training which lasted about 3 hours focused on Gojushiho and Kihon Ippon Kumite, and was attended by about 11 other karate-ka from Perak and Sri Lanka. This private training was courtesy of SKIF Malaysia President, Ms. Irene Teh Chin Hoon. Adamou Sensei corrected the participants kata and kumite techniques according to how Kanazawa Kancho taught him.

After the training, a grading session was conducted for the white belt children from Irene Sensei’s class by Adamou sensei, with all passing and 2 awarded with a double grading to 8th Kyu. Congratulations to the new batch of SKIF Karate-ka. Ossu!!!


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