The Pressures Of Competitions (Part 2)

Tomorrow comes so quickly….

[KUMITE TRAINING] Combining kata and kumite in a single session is something I try to avoid, but whenever I choose to teach both kata and kumite in a single class (my classes are around 2 – 2.5 hours each) I always do the kata sessions first. My prime reasoning is that the student always get an extra energy boost from the adrenaline when doing kumite.

So after a short rest and rehydrating after the kata session, the students put on their kumite gloves. What can I say about this practise??? It is an uneven match… the pool of trainees consists of a 120kg, 38 year old, ikkyu father and his children, a 14 year old shodan,  an 11 year old nikyu and a 6 1/2 year old rokkyu.. uneven, by any standards. But each one gamely take their position and make their play.

My analysis : Spirit is not lacking. What is lacking is perhaps the will to carry that spirit forward to it’s bitter end. Lack  will to continue attacking combinations usually see the bouts punctuated by pauses of uncertainty.

What’s next?? もう一回!!! (mou ikkai – one more time)



Below are some video selections of kumite matches:

Yahara Mikio vs Gerald Evans (1973)

Yahara Mikio vs Mori Masataka (1982)

Yahara Mikio vs Kagawa Masao (1984) – Ref : Asai Tetsuhiko Shihan

Kanazawa Nabuoki vs Murakami Manabu (1994)

WKF World Championships (20o6)

WKF World Championships (2010)


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