NATURAL DEFENCE (C) Personal Safety Protection Workshop on Valentine’s Day


Stand up for yourself when conflict strikes

What price do you put on your personal safety, or on being able to defend a family member should you suddenly be faced with an aggressive situation? For just RM60 per person (RM100 only for a couple – husband/wife, bro/sis, life partners, bffs…. you get the picture) there’s a great workshop being offered by the Seiken Karatenomichi Academy (SKA) where you’ll learn the basics you need to feel better equipped should you find yourself faced in a conflict based situation.

This course is for everyone, even those with no prior experience of self defense. The fact remains that anyone could be faced with a situation of conflict, such as a burglary, road rage or being personally accosted in the street. You only have to switch the news on to see that these events are a regrettably regular part of every day life now. By attending a self defense course, you help to prepare yourself against these situations; to effectively deal with the conflicts that life can throw your way. Courses are conducted by SKA’s internationally certified instructors, who will help you every step of the way so that you leave confident in your self protection knowledge and practice.

What better way to show your love than to give your love one the gift of security and safety. Join us for a little over 4 hours of intensive self protection workshop. This workshop focuses how the average Joe or Jane can will learn proper self-defense techniques to control your surroundings with instinctual and natural reactions. The workshop will consists of a short empowerment lecture by Seiken Chief Instructor Azlimmi Himzal sensei, followed by a practice session of Natural Defense© techniques, a self defense system created by Azlimmi Himzal combining the techniques from karate, jujitsu, krav maga and several other martial arts. 

During the workshop, we cover the basic techniques of Natural Defense©, which include stances, defenses and a variety of strikes. We will also sample a selection of advanced techniques to wet your appetite. At the end of the workshop, we will conduct a question and answer session to explain how the Academy operates, membership options, gradings, etc… Even if you don’t plan to pursue Natural Defense© or Karate afterwards, the fundamental techniques taught in the workshop will serve as useful tools in the future.

The sessions are relaxed and much fun is had. We enjoy them, we hope you will too! If you would like to attend our upcoming workshop, then register your details below and we’ll contact you with more information.

Special membership opportunities will be offered to guests who attend the workshop.

Your investment in your own safety & protection :
RM60 – Single
RM100 – Couples
RM30 – Students
RM30 – Seiken Karatenomichi Academy members

3 Easy ways to Register :
1. Call in to 010-5272831

2. SMS/WhatsApp to 010-5272831 <ND><space><FULL NAME><space><Gender & Age>

3. Ckick on the facebook event page link below and leave your details in the comment section <ND><space><FULL NAME><space><Gender & Age>


Click to go to event page :

Don’t let your fear be your undoing.

Come join us this 14 February at Galleria@Kotaraya

New Programme : SHINKENDO

Starting 2015, Seiken will be introducing a new martial art programme, the kenjutsu art of SHINKENDO. Shinkendo is founded by Toshishiro Obata Kaiso (if you’ve seen the 1980 TMNT… he plays the role of Shredder!!). 

It’ll be an interesting addition to our training roster.

For current members enrolled in the Shotokan Karate Programme or in the Natural Defense Programme, please ask your instructor on SPECIAL MEMBERS DISCOUNT if you want to add the Shinkendo programme to your arsenal.

See you on the matt!!

Congratulations to the new Shodans!!


On 30th November 2012, 5 candidates were tested for shodan by KWF Shihankai member, Mourad Saihia sensei, 6th Dan and assisted by KWF Malaysia Chief Instructor, Azlimmi Himzal, 4th Dan.

  1. Batrisyia Iman Himzal (SKA Honbu)
  2. Muhd. Akmal Zolkapli (SKA Pasir Gudang)
  3. Muhd. Adan Danish Himzal (SKA Honbu)
  4. Mohamed Tamer (SKA Honbu)
  5. Jacob Blankendaal (Australia)

They all passed with flying colours.


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Kanazawa Hirokazu Kancho, 10th Dan, 2011 Seminar in Malaysia

Group Photo With Kancho & Daizo Sensei from Kacho’s Seminar in Johor 2010.

Kanazawa Kancho will be in Malaysia from the 17th to the 29th of November 2011. For our members who remember his visit to our Dojo in Johor last year, will not want to miss this opportunity. Please contact your instructor if your want to be part of our delegation to the seminar. This year his main seminar will be in Teluk Intan, Perak from the 26th to the 28th of November.

We would like to encourage all members, especially 4th Kyu & above to participate. All members will also have the opportunity to be graded by Kancho (Please check with your instructor for your eligibility to grade). We are hoping to put together a delegation of 30-40 members. Details on accommodations and costing will be posted when ASAP.

The dates of Kancho’s Tour as of to date are :

17th Nov : Kancho & Murakami Sensei arrives in Kuala Lumpur
19th-21st Nov : Kancho’s Seminar in Brunei
22nd-23rd Nov : Kancho’s Seminar in Sabah (Kota Kinabalu)
24th Nov : Police Training Centre PULAPOL (Kuala Lumpur)
25th Nov : Instructor training at Irene Sensei’s personal dojo (Rawang)
26th-28th Nov : Kancho’s Open Seminar & Grading in Teluk Intan, Perak
29th Nov : Kancho and Murakami Sensei depart for Japan.

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia.


Allahyarham Sasterawan Negara Dato’ Usman Awang

Menung seketika sunyi sejenak
kosong di jiwa tak berpenghuni
hidup terasa diperbudak-budak
hanya suara melambung tinggi
Berpusing roda, beralih masa
berbagai neka, hidup di bumi
selagi hidup berjiwa hamba
pasti tetap terjajah abadi
Kalau hidup ingin merdeka
takkan tercapai hanya berkata
tetapi cuba maju ke muka
melempar jauh jiwa hamba
Ingatan kembali sepatah kata
dari ucapan seorang pemuka
di atas robohan Kota Melaka
kita dirikan jiwa merdeka